• Birth Date: Nov. 26 2015

  • Weight: 74 pounds

  • Height:

  • Color: Chocolate and White

Candice is a very sweet and loving girl with one of the best temperaments I’ve seen on a bulldogge! She is very active in both the heat and the cold,she is a clean breathing girl and passes that trait along to her puppies! She is a wonderful mom and cares for her puppies like you would not believe!




  • Birth Date: June 3 2018

  • Weight: 78 pounds

  • Height:

  • Color: Black and White

Xena is a beautiful girl we produced right here at Maumee River Kennels, so if your looking to see what we produce then look no futher! She is what we are striving for, a wide chest, bigger head, and keeping the bulldogge look! Xena is a very sweet girl that just can nit stand to be away from us no matter where we go! She is just so energetic just loves to run and swim all while just being so sweet!




  • Birth Date: May 16 2017

  • Weight :75 pounds

  • Height:

  • Color: Chocolate and White Merle


Amber Rose


  • Birth Date: May 31 2017

  • Weight: 65 pounds

  • Height:

  • Color: Black and White Seal

Amber Rose now calls Pennsylvania home, she moved there in jan 2019. We decided to give her a loving hoe and replace her with an American bulldog to help our program get some better blood and have more consistancy! We will be updating pics of our new girl Kaiya very soon